Full & Half Marathon Training Programs

by MetroMiler
Created: 06.08.2014
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This year we are pleased to provide at no charge a full and half marathon training program.

Sample training plans for your upcoming Fall Full or Half Marathon!
These training plans start Aug 18th for both.  Beginning that day, we will do training runs from Complete Fitness in Edwardsville at 7am on Saturdays.  Erica Hunt has kindly offered the store as a launching point/potty station from which to do our series!
The training plans attached have a beginner and a veteran level, and include rest days (IMPORTANT!) and weekly targeted runs with descriptions of what those runs entail.
For example: a Fartlek (which literally means Speed Play) is a run in which you do "pick ups" - that is, you pick up your pace for packets of time (45 seconds, for example), or to landmarks. "I'm going to sprint to that tree."  
Our plan is to have someone there each week to run an indicated distance - I will be there every Saturday life does not otherwise interfere. :) I will be mapping out various distances from Complete Fitness, and we will share the maps that go with each week's run.
We are using these plans with the end goal being our club trip - the Memphis races in December. The timing may be slightly off if you are doing different fall races, but the plans will still work regardless!
Though we are providing these plans to you, these runs are definitely open events!  We will post them on the MM Facebook page each week, and will do our best to keep the email reminders coming.
For further guidance, here are some race pace calculators: http://www.runnersworld.com/training/pace-calculators
The race time predictor is especially good if you are getting ready to do a new first distance - put in an established time and see a reasonable goal! 
If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask!