Hey...I think I want to run


You can accomplish anything you put your mind too.  The great words of my mother and many others.  I held onto this thought for about 15 seconds as I started my running journey.  At second number 16, I was gasping for air.

Getting Started.

Like so many others, "I was active in my younger years".   I was in a funk, a byproduct of the culture of today.  I had put on some weight (so I hear).   I went to 5K races but not to run.  I was the person holding the items of those running.  Maybe you know that person, maybe it's you.   I had attempted to pick up running a few times and failed.  Does all this sound familiar?   There are countless stories that begin this way.

Finding the Right Program.

There is no silver bullet or magic pill to take that makes you a runner.  My first attempts at running failed because I was ill prepared and let my ego get in the way.  I've succeeded at a lot in my life and I thought I could handle running on my own.   After a few failures I found a good program that worked me.   There are a few approaches to getting started.  There is the "Wing It" approach.  In this approach the individual just takes off and succeeds.   There is the individual "Couch to 5K" program.  This program is designed to take an individual on a series of runs over a set number of weeks.  The individual starts with short timed runs and then increases the duration through the program.  By the end of the program the individual is running a 5K.  Another approach is the "Group Begin to Run" program.  Similar to the "Couch to 5K" program, this program includes a group of people supervised by an experienced trainer.

My Start

I utilized the "Couch to 5k" program and in 9 weeks I was able to run my first non-stop 5k.  That was the success.  There were failures and along the way, but I stuck with it.  I will always remember that first "Couch to 5k" run.   It was a a very short timed run and I thought time was going backwards.   I was gasping for air and thought of throwing in the towel right then and there.  I am not sure what the trigger event was.  Actually I think I was tired of holding my wife's stuff at races, that plus I knew the potential was there.  I kept with it and continued past my 5k

Summary of Programs

Wing It

  • Not tied to any set Instructions
  • Potential for Injury is High
  • May cause friend to slightly dislike you :)

Couch to 5k

  • Proven program
  • Based on incremental improvement
  • Apps available for phone
  • Do not get the benefit of group motivation

Group Begin to Run

  • Proven program
  • Based on incremental improvement
  • Apps available for phone
  • Group sessions provide Motivation

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