An end and new beginning

Unfortunately, Bipod fell under the financial strains that did away with many small businesses during this time. 

Bipod employee Rich Luers approached many of the members of the Bipod group with this idea: let's start a running club. Assisting in the venture, Melanie Suess (a fan of alliteration) suggested the club name that won out, and tagged her friend Josh Schipkowski to create a logo. 

Part of the new club were Bipod employees Scott Shaw, who would go on to start and manage the running department at The Cyclery bike shop in Edwardsville, and Betsy Dodds who would soon join him as another running expert at that same store. Lindsay Shaw, Phyllis Kunz, and Chris Dockery all will join among others, and hold officer positions in the years to follow. 

Thus, the Metro Milers were born, with Rich Luers as club President.

A little race championed by that same fellow debuted in 2007 you may have heard of, the Route 66 10K